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1. What can I do if I found an error in one of your articles / blogs / pages?

The best way is to post a comment directly on the page. You can also contact me with the Contact form.

2. How can I thank you?

First of all, I thank you for reading my web site.

You can help this website ( in several ways:

  • Link to one of my blogs/pages/articles from your blog/website
  • Add my site to your favorite social bookmaking site, e.g. DZone, Digg, ...
  • Lets others know about my website via  Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, ...
  • Recommend my website to your friends

3. What can I do if I've problems with one of your blog post/tutorial ?

You can post your questions directly as comment of the specified blog/tutorial. Try to be precise about your problem.

If you have a problem with the examples from my articles I try to answer each question in comments.

Please also note that I maintain this website on my private time, so that is not always possible for me to answer questions that go beyond the scope of my blogs/articles.