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I'm Baptiste Wicht, from Switzerland, now 28 years old. I’m currently a Ph.D student in Computer Science at the University of applied sciences in Fribourg, principally in Machine Learning. Currently, I'm mainly developing high performance applications in C++.

I've started programming in 2004, when doing my computer science apprentice ship. For a few years, I programmed a lot in Java and become involved in the french community, for which I was a writer and moderator on the forums and finally a Java Community Leader for the complete Java community on

Later, in 2011, I find the holy Grail of the programming languages when I started to work with C++ for my Bachelor's Thesis project and since this time I've only been writing in C++. I've even written my own compiler and my own operating system. For more information on my projects, you can have a look at the Projects page. I'm also teaching an advanced C++ course for Bachelor students.

For my Ph.D., I've been working on Machine Learning experiments. For this, I've developed an entire machine learning framework with highly-optimized kernels for CPU and a prototype version for GPU. The framework mainly focuses on neural networks, convolutional neural networks and Restricted Boltzmann Machines.

As for my other interests, I'm a fan of Linux and especially Gentoo. Recently, I've become also quite interested in home automation technologies and I've started testing a few devices in my apartment.

A (short) list of my publication is available on the Publications page.

For all suggestions or comments on my tutorials, projects, blogs or this website, there are several ways to contact me:

  1. By email: [email protected]
  2. On Twitter: @wichtounet

For professional information, my LinkedIn profile is available.

You can also take a look at my Google Profile: Baptiste Wicht

I hope you will find this website useful and will like my articles and blogs.

For more information, you can also consult the following pages: