This page lists a few of the projects I'm working on or I have worked in the past years.

Expression Templates Library (ETL)

ETL is a C++ Expression Templates library for matrix and vector operations. It has support for multiplication, convolutions and Fast Fourier Transform. It is highly optimized for CPU and has some GPU support as well.

Deep Learning Library (DLL)

DLL is a C++ machine learning library I have developed for my thesis. It has principally support for (Convolutional-) Restricted Boltzmann Machine and Deep Belief Network. But it also has support for standard Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). It is highly optimized for CPU.

budgetwarrior - command line budget application

budgetwarrior is a simple command line accounting tool for personal usage. It is written in C++. The principle is simple, you declare accounts which are your spending categories and assign a monthly amount for each of these accounts. Then you add expenses during the month and the tool will show how much is remaining in each of these accounts for the current month and also gives you some stats on the year. There are also some smaller features like a wish list that tries to predict when you should buy some things and objectives tracking.

I'm using this tool as my main budget utility.

budgetwarrior report view

Thor Operating System

Thor is a very simple 64bit operating system for Intel processors that I have been developing to learn about low-level development and operating systems. It is written in C++ and some assembly. It is currently a multiprocessing operating system with basic network capabilities. It can read and write to disk. It is modeled after Linux.

Continuous Perfomance Monitor (CPM)

cpm is a simple C++ library for benchmarking code. This library is used like most unit tests library by declaring benchmarks in the code and generating a main running the benchmark that you wish. At execution, the stats of the different benchmark are printed and some data files are saved. You can then use the tool to generate a performance report of your benchmark. Moreover, the data files can be kept over time to follow the evolution of your code performance over time.

eddic Compiler

eddic is a small compiler for the EDDI language, written in C++, which I have developed. There is nothing fancy about the language, it's mostly an inferior clone of C++. The goal of this project was to learn C++ and Intel assembly. The compiler is generating Intel 64bit assembly on Linux and is performing quite a few optimizations like dead-code-elimination, conditional propagation, loop unrolling or loop-invariant-code-motion.

I'm not currently working on this project anymore, but I may get back to it.