4 reasons i'm not using Osmorc anymore

After had many problems using Osmorc, the Intellij Idea plugin for OSGi support, i decided to no longer use it. Now, i make all manually.

I have several reasons to not be satisfied of this plugin.

First of all, this plugin display all the errors in OSGi configuration (Manifest, Activators and imports) but provide no way to quickly fix the problems by example by adding the imported package in the Import-Package Manifest Headers. Its a little disappointing when we are regular with Intellij Idea usage.

I find it really slow to launch OSGi Instances. Moreover, we cannot really control the osgi instance we launch. I hoped that we could at least manage the OSGi server using basic command line integration, but this is not possible.

When we make the project, all the OSGi modules are compiled and packaged and this could be a long process. During this process, when we have errors, the displayed messages aren't really understandable and there is no explanation on how to solve the problems.

And last but not least, the plugin is very unstable. I had a lot of errors using Osmorc. And i had also problem with the imports in Maven projects. All the imports we marked invalid and sometimes not recognized. Reimporting the maven projects solve occasionally the problems but it always reappears and make the compilation impossible.

I don't solved any of these problems and for that reasons i don't use Osmorc anymore.

I realized that this plugin doesn't offer me a lot of things and i could easily work without it.

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