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CMakeLatex 1.0.2 - Support for nomenclature and better filters

I released a new version of CMakeLatex, the version 1.0.2.

First of all, this version restore the support for nomenclature. Then, it also adds filters for makeindex (including makeglossaries and makenomenclature). The filters will hides all the information of the output stream but the errors. The filters for pdflatex are also improved.

CMakeLatex is a CMake script to build Latex documents using CMake / Make. It supports glossary, indexes, bibliographies and nomenclature. It can automatically converts your images to the right format using imagemagick or cairosvg (for SVG to PDF conversion).

You can download it on Github: CMakeLatex Github repository

If you have any idea for improvement, don't hesitate to contact me or to create a Feature Request on Github.


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