Detect overflows and more in Java with COJAC

Back at school, I worked on the COJAC project to detect numeric overflow in Java programs automatically. Since then, this project has evolved a lot and has now more features:

  • It can detect integer overflows

  • Detect smearing and cancellation with float and double types

  • Detect NaN and Infinite results from computations

  • Detect offending type casting

Moreover, all these features are available without any recompilation of your program. You simply add an argument to the invocation of the Java virtual machine and all these errors will be detected for you automatically!

Frédéric Bapst, the person in charge of the project has recently published two videos about the project, don't hesitate to check them out:

The first video presents the automatic analysis features of the tool:

And the second presents the numeric wrapper features of the tool for even more features:

If you have any question related to the project, you can add a comment to this page or contact me directly be email.

If you want more information on the project you can also check out its repository on Github:

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