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Maven 3.0 Beta 1 is here !

The Maven team has just announced the release of Maven 3.0-beta-1.

There is still several things to do for the final releases, but Maven 3 is now ready to go from Alpha to Beta.

If you're interested on migrating to this new version, you should have a look at this page from the Maven site : Maven 3 Compatibility Notes. This page lists all the known differences between Maven 2 and Maven 3 for compatibility purpose.

Some news of Maven 3 :

  • Complete Kernel Rewriting
  • New languages for POM : YAML and Groovy
  • POM Composition
  • Extensibility : Easier to create plugins extending an other plugin
  • Create the build at start and not step by step
  • Mercury for repositories and dependencies access
  • Maven Shell : Shell environment to execute Maven commands

You can download it here.


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