IntelliJ Idea 10 Early Acces Program is here

Today, the Early Access Program (EAP) has been opened for IntelliJ Idea 10.

There is a lot of changes, here are some of them (the most interesting in my point of view) :

  • Faster indexing speed
  • Java - Faster method usage search
  • Spring Web Services support
  • Spring testing support
  • New Spring live templates (patterns and frameworks)
  • intelligent resources support (smart completion and warnings for resource types)
  • Maven Refactorings
  • Maven pom.xml editor new features
  • Maven Dependencies Diagram
  • Discover & download libraries from maven repositories even in plain java projects
  • XML editing improvements in IntelliJ IDEA X
  • Git support improvements, including 'Git Log' view.
  • Mercurial support
  • Hibernate Criteria API supported
  • JDBC Console UI revised
  • Initial support for AspectJ and Spring Roo frameworks
  • A lot of other interesting features

To consult the full list of new features, read the release notes. And if you want to test this version, download it here.

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