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JTheque is migrating to Git

Some informations about the current state of JTheque. I'm currently migrating it from SVN to Git. Actually the projet is hosted at, a french community. For more visibility, i wanted to host it in an english website. After several days of comparative, I chosen Github has host. Because i chose Git, i think it's the best and easier community to share projects using Git.

I will use a subdomain in this website ( to host the Javadoc and maven reports, because it take too space to store it at GitHub. I will use GitHub for the sources, issues and Wiki.

After only several days of work with Git, I found it really fun and comfortable to work with.

Here are the already created projects on GitHub :

Most of them are not completed at all. But the start is here. Don't hesitate to comment on how I did that. I've also already created a site for jtheque-xml-utils (

I will migrate all the projects into Git and complete the GitHub repositories and Maven Site the next few weeks.

If I didn't post a lot these last weeks, it's because, it's the end of the semester, so it seems a lot of exams and projects to finish, so not a lot of time to post. I will do better the next month.


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