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I've the pleasure to inform you that I've created a new website in English for JTheque : http://www.jtheque.com

The old websites of JTheque (a French website and a French forge) were completely out of date and were too complicated too manage. This time I created an english, really simple, website to add the more useful informations about my JTheque projects. I always wanted to have a real website for JTheque. Before that, I had the Maven auto generated websites, but this is not a real website and it's not really good-looking. I used Google Sites to create this website.

At this time, I've included three projects in the website : JTheque Core, JTheque Utils and JTheque XML Utils. There is not a lot of informations for the moment,  but from this time I'll include all the future informations in this new website and I will of course inform you via this blog of all the informations about my projects.

I hope that this website will interest you and that it will help to promote a little my JTheque Project.

If you found any error on the website, don't hesitate to contact me, via comment or email or whatever you want. If you need more informations on one or more project, don't hesitate to request them and I will include them in the website as soon as possible.

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