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No more ads on the site !


As you have perhaps noticed, there is no more Google Adsense on the site. I removed them for several reasons :

  • They were not really visually good
  • They slowed down the site by a factor of two
  • That gave a bad image of the site
  • This is not the main goal of the website to make money
  • They didn't made enough money to counter the previous disadvantages

So you will now have a faster and a bit nicer website to look at :)

The only page that contains ads on the site is the search because of the use of Google Custom Search that includes Google Ads, but this is not my ads. I will perhaps consider to add another search system in the future.

I hope this will make the site more enjoyable

P.S. Is there is still a page with ads that I have forgotten to update, just let a comment with the URL of the page and I will remove the ads


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