New design: Faster and mobile compatible

I've finally taken the time to improve the design of the website!

The site was becoming slower and slower, the design was not responsive at all and was an horror on mobile.

I've changed the design to focus more on content and removed superfluous things such as the Google profile or slow things such as the 3D tag cloud. Moreover, the design is now responsive again. It was a matter of removing a lot of bad things I did in the CSS. Instead of having a vertical and an horizontal bars, I now have only one vertical bar with both the navigation and a bit more information. With these changes, the design is now also working on mobile phone! It's about time.

Moreover, I've also spent quite some time working on the speed of the website. For this, I've bundled most of the JS and CSS files together and reduced them. Moreover, the static files are now hosted and cached by CloudFlare. I've also removed the 3D tag cloud which was quite slow. The Google API usage for the Google profile badge were also quite slow. Overall, the index page is now really fast. The article pages are also much faster but it's not perfect, especially because of Disqus that does tons of requests and redirects everywhere. I've also got rid of the Disqus ads which were really insignificant in the end. It may take a while for the ads to disappear according to Disqus.

I know that it's still not perfect, but I hope that user experience on the blog is now improved for all readers and now article can be read on mobile normally. I'll try to continue monitoring the speed and usability of the website to see if I can improve it further in the coming days.

If you have any issue on the updated website, don't hesitate to let me know either by commenting on this post or sending me an email (check the Contact page).

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