How to install git-flow on Linux

One week ago, I started using git-flow on eddic. This is a collection of Git extensions to easily follow a branching-model convention for a Git project. I will try to describe this project later on this blog.

You can install git-flow using this simple command:

wget --no-check-certificate -q -O - | sudo sh

I recommend you to install a script to autocomplete the git-flow commands and params:

mkdir -p ~/src/external && cd ~/src/external
git clone git-flow-completion
mkdir -p ~/bin/ && cd ~/bin
ln -s ~/src/external/git-flow-completion/git-flow-completion.bash ./git-flow-completion.bash

Then add a simple command in your .bashrc file:

source ~/bin/git-flow-completion.bash

If you want an introduction of git-flow, I recommend you this blog post : Why aren't you using git-flow ?

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