EDDI Compiler 0.6.1 : Function return types

I just released a new version of the EDDI Compiler : eddic 0.6.1

This is a minor update with only one change on the language: the functions can now return something. The return values are returned in registers (%eax for int and %eax:%ebx for strings). At this time, it is not possible to return an array from a function.

The other changes of this version are on the code base side. All the headers have been cleaned. There are less useless imports and the code is cleaner. Moreover, I also have rewritten the Readme in order to include more useful information in it. The parsing phase should be a little faster now and the assembly has been improved by using the POP instruction. The phases of checking have also been reordered. In the future, it's possible that several phases will be merged together for performance purposes, but for now, it's quite fast on my sample even the 2MB stress file.

You can now generate the Doxygen generation using make doc. The target is generated with CMake. At this time, the documentation is almost empty, but I will work on it on the next releases.

The next version will be a major release. I don't know what will be the changes for the language itself, but the compiler will use a new intermediate representation. It will use Three-Address-Code representation. This representation is simple and can be easily optimized. This will make easier the transformation from the AST to the assembly. At this time, the code of the intermediate compiler is very hard to maintain and contains a lot of logic. The switch to a new, simpler, intermediate representation will simplify the intermediate compiler.

You can find the EDDI compiler sources on the Github repository : https://github.com/wichtounet/eddic.

The exact version I refer to is the v0.6.1 available in the github tags or directly as the release branch.

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