A short update

I can't believe it's been about 5 years since the last update on this blog. For those, who are wondering what is happening, here is a short update.

About 6 years ago, I have finished my Ph.D. and about 5 years, I started to work as a software engineer, at Verisign. I am now a Senior Software Engineer, still at Verisign. After I started working professionally, I did not spend much time on my personal projects anymore. Before, my personal projects were part of my Ph.D., so it made sense to posts some updates on this blog and I had time to also post other articles.

But probably another bigger factor is that I started another blog in 2017, The Poor Swiss <https://thepoorswiss.com>. This is not a technical blog but a blog on personal finance, related to Switzerland. I have written more than 400 articles on this blog and I am still writing about one article a week these days. This takes a lot of time and made me scale down even more on my personal projects. The only project that continued getting some improvements was budgetwarrior since I am using it almost every day.

It's obviously worth mentioning that I got married about 5 years ago and that we now have a son, almost two years old. This obviously takes a lot of time!

So, why am I posting this short update today? I recently started missing working on personal projects. And I realized I had gotten out of touch with recent C++. It is a bit disappointing but my C++ level is becoming worse since I have started working professionally on C++. So, I learned in details about C++20 and C++23 and decided to apply some of it to my personal projects.

I have made significant cleanups to budgetwarrior, using C++23 by default now and switching to GCC 15 and Clang 16 as the default compilers. I plan to continue working on budgetwarrior_web, the web interface for budgetwarrior next. This project will also be converted to C++23. After that, I will probably continue with ETL and DLL. And hopefully, I plan to dedicate some time to adding more features to ETL and DLL as well. Thor OS is currently not on my list because I don't have the kind of energy and time this project requires.

I also hope I will be posting some more updates on this blog, but I will not adhere to any posting schedule. At least, I will not let five years go by before the next update!

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