Inventor on four new research patents

During the first years of my thesis I worked on CTI research project with the American company Verisign, which has also an office near my school. A CTI research project is a project that is partially funded by the Commission on Innovation and Technology (CTI) where a school and a company work together. I was quite lucky to work on this project with the awesome people at Verisign Fribourg. After the success of the project, Verisign filled several patents regarding various points of the projects.

I'm quite happy now that these four patents are now approved and published. They They have been approved by both the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and European Patent Office (EPO). The parents have been cl=¬ aimed by Verisign, I'm only one of the inventor, I got no claim on the patent. But it's still a great thing.

Here are the names of the four patents:

  • Systems and methods for automatic phonetization of domain names¬

  • Construction of phonetic representation of a string of characters¬

  • Method for writing a foreign language in a pseudo language phonetically resembling native language of the speaker¬

  • Construction of a phonetic representation of a generated string of characters¬

You can take a look at them on USPTO or EPO or on Google Patents, but the way a patent is written make it relatively hard to follow, it's more on a lawyer level or maybe I'm simply not used to patents anymore.

All these patents come from the research done during the CTI project with Verisign. In this project, name suggestions were generated from the phonetic sound of the name. The idea being to generate names that sounds the same as another input (airmix could become rmix or rmics). We are using various technologies to make this work: IG-Tree, Viterbi and HMM. And since we used a model with an encoder and a decoder, we can also mix languages. For instance, write something in French the way a English work would work (for instance school could become scoule).

These patents concludes a very interesting and successful project. I'm now working on yet another CTI research project with Verisign and it will surely be as successful as the first one.

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