budgetwarrior 0.2 - Visual reports, fortune status and expenses aggregates

I've released a new version of budgetwarrior the version 0.2.

I've several new features to the tool. First, I've added a graph of the expenses/earnings/balances of each month for a given year in the form of a bar plot. You can see an example in practice here:

budgetwarrior monthly report

Nothing fancy, but it gives a good overview of the current state of your budget.

I've added a new module, called fortune, that lets you enter your total fortune and then computes the difference between the entered fortune statuses. For now, it doesn't do anything else with this data. But in the future, I want to correlate this data with the balances to check the difference between the filled expenses and earnings and the fortune evolution.

I've also added a more convenient way of creating expenses and earnings. Just type "budget expense add" and you'll be able to fill all the fields one by one. Of course, the command line commands are still available.

The last new feature I've added is an aggregate report (budget overview aggregate). This view simply groups all the expenses with the same name of a year together. If you always use the same expense title for your groceries, you'll see the total you spent in groceries for a year. You can also name your expenses with the format "Category/Expenses" and all the expenses with the same category will be grouped together in the aggregate view. That allows you to still have enough details in the monthly overview but to logically groups your expenses together in the aggregate view.

The other changes are minor. I've improved the monthly overview to sort the expenses and earnings by date. To facilitate the storage of the files in a service like Dropbox, the data and configuration files are now only written if they have been modified. The mean in the current overview has been changed to reflect only the months up to the current month and not the future (which was just ruining the means).

If you are interested by the tool, you can download it on Github: budgetwarrior

I hope this tool will be useful to some people. If you've any question, just let a comment on this post or contact me directly by email. I'll be glad to help.

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